Become A Vendor

 National Cannabis Exchange brings together both medical & recreational marijuana buyers and sellers. We have an entire team dedicated to protect you and every item you sell. This makes National Cannabis Exchange a safe and secure place to sell your crops and products.


  • Create a virtual storefront to build your brand.  Wholesale buyers and patients want to establish relationships with their vendors and they want to know where their products came from and how they were made.  Transparency and trust is the key.

  • Market your store using business cards, postcards and all major Social Media outlets. Social Media means better value, increased sales and building your brand recognition! You may also want to consider registering your own domain name. You can forward your new domain to your NCEX storefront URL.

  • Sell your product in real-time in the online marketplace.  Get real-time bids and see what your competition is selling.  More information means better decisions. Doing business on a live system allows you to cut transportation costs. And buyers have better and safer access to to your products and services.

  • There are several options available for order fulfillment. Your personal broker will contact you shortly after your registration is complete to determine which option meets your specific needs and to complete your National Cannabis Exchange Distribution Agreement.


  1. Register Now, Fill out your new account information including your desired store name and agree to the National Cannabis Exchange terms and conditions. You must have a valid California home or business address

  2. For your address we recommend getting a Virtual Mailbox, a PO Box or some other type of business address.

  3. To use the site and prevent fraud/illegal activity we may ask for your social security number or EIN for your business. Your privacy is really important to us.  We don’t share your information with third parties and we won’t submit to any subpoenas governmental request without a fight. You don’t have to worry about meeting buyer/ seller we can handle that for you.

  4. Agree to The National Cannabis Exchange terms and conditions.

  5. Confirm your email address.

  6.  Log into your account.

  7. First, Set up your storefront and start developing your brand.

  8. Setup your brokerage account payment settings under “My Account

  9. Click “My Dashboard” to add products to your store and auction page if its a auction item.  Be sure to add images of your product(s).

  10. Under “My Dashboard” you will find everything you need to manage storefront and auction items. You can edit your storefront at anytime.

Do you need a California Street Address for your business? Click here or visit and get a Virtual Mailbox with a real street address for as low as $9.99 a month. Send and receive packages from all major shippers. Including USPS, FedEx, UPS and DHL.

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